How To Get Affordable Regatta Apartments

Would you like to rent one of the affordable Regatta Apartments? These are located in Sacramento in California. They have many different styles to choose from. You can visit their website, look at all of the different ones they have available, and make your decision based upon price and size. These are located in a very nice neighborhood. They have one bedroom apartments, all the way up to three bedroom apartments. The one bedroom apartments a very small, less than 800 square feet, all the way up to 1300 square feet for three bedroom units. Here are a few details to consider when you are looking at these apartments which might be exactly what you need.

Floor Plan Details Of These Apartments

The floor plan details are actually very well structured. They are designed to be comfortable, maximizing the amount of space that you have available. The entryway leads directly into the main living room. Depending on the size of the apartment, assuming you are in a three bedroom apartment, the bedrooms will be off to your right. As you go down the hall, the kitchen will be on your right, with the master bedroom directly across. This will lead to the area where the washer and dryer will be, along with the bathroom and final bedroom.

How To Get One At An Affordable Price

The prices will range between $1000 in $2000 per month. This could be higher or lower, depending upon the time of this reading. People tend to prefer the way this is structured because it makes it easy to invite guests, without inviting them into the heart of your home where the rest of your family is living. The bedrooms are large enough for both small and larger kids. The master bath is extremely large with the beautiful walk-in closet. There is a deposit of $500 that is required, as well as a $15 application fee, in order to determine if they can allow you to move in.

How To Find Reviews On These Apartments

Reviews on these apartments can be found by simply searching for Regatta apartments in Sacramento. You will see that many people have been very happy with the apartments while they were there. Others are leaving feedback because they live there currently, and are very satisfied with the situation. They may remark on the cost, the amenities, or simply the nice location which is on W. River Dr.

How Do You Apply For One Of These Apartments

You can apply for one of these apartments by contacting the manager. You can do this by phone. They will direct you to how to fill out the application and submit that for approval. If they do have openings, it is recommended that you apply right away. It’s a very popular area, located south of Highway 80, close to the Sacramento River. It’s also very close to the Metro center, as well as the Natomas area of Sacramento. This was very popular when the Arco Arena was fully functional. However, the city has grown up nicely, providing people with new and improved apartments to live in. It’s also very close to Discovery Park.

If you have not been to Sacramento before, and you are thinking of moving to a nice location, you can’t go wrong with this particular apartment complex. It places you very close to the airport, modern shopping centers and malls, plus close proximity to parks in the Sacramento River. If you are simply looking for a new place to live in Sacramento, and you want to get out of the South Natomas area, this is very close to this region. You can’t go wrong when you rent apartments from the regard to apartment complex, one of the best in the Sacramento area.

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